Glow Carb Mindset

Are you ready to put weight loss on auto-pilot?

Did you know that on average, women will try at least 7 diets through out their lives?

Get off the diet cycle today.

I found out that it’s not how people got these results, it’s also WHY.

I created a simple framework that reverse engineer’s how to
set goals and achieve them – without fail.

To date, I have helped over 50 women lose 300+ lbs.

Raise your hand if this rings a bell. Have you tried:

  • cutting calories
  • working out twice a day
  • diet pills
  • fasting
  • food group removal diets
  • juice cleanses

I don’t have to convince you that it’s not sustainable. If you’re not sticking to it for the rest of your life, why deprive yourself now?

Glow Carb Mindset is an easy-to-follow program that teaches you long term, sustainable, healthy habits to help you get out of vicious diet cycling.

  • 4 Part Time-Released Series
  • Exclusive Online Community
  • Download Meal Plans & Guides Instantly
  • Access Hours Worth Of Content At Your Own Pace

Can You Imagine If You Had...


If you woke up every morning filled with energy and ready to take on the day?

Zero Questions

If you woke up every morning filled with energy and ready to take on the day?

A Road Map

If you woke up every morning filled with energy and ready to take on the day?

Healthy Habits

If you woke up every morning filled with energy and ready to take on the day?

24/7 Access

If you had 24/7 access to a tribe that supports one another through an online community and local events?

A New Mindset

Start fresh and break the diet cycle. Get off once and for all and live your life with confidence.

Module Breakdown

Module 1

I’ll show you how to how to prep for this new mindset. We will debunk myths that may be getting in the way of having you lose weight or having more energy in general. And how to reset for your new mindset. 

ModulE 2

We’ll go over how you can actually put yourself on a path through intentional actions. We’ll take a look at what’s currently happening and how you can improve to reach your goals. 

See, people love the idea of health but rarely follow through, I’ve create the ABG Method to help you rebuild and uplevel your life.

Module 3

We’ll dive deep into how your body uses fiber to HELP you. I break down the foods you should include to achieve your goals and even apps to help you. 

Module 4

You’ll be ready to move into your future you. I’ll give you tips and tricks in how you should integrate this more holistically, as well as product recommendations for you so you can execute on your results EVEN FASTER

What Clients Have Said

Do this anywhere.

Have me in your back pocket. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Instant Access 24/7
  • Learn and implement on your time
  • No schedule, learn on-the-go
  • A exclusive facebook group full of women just like you, myself included!
  • This is your forever! Refer back to it whenever you need to

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About Nikki

I’m Nikki, founder of Atomic She, a brand and blog that empowers women to make confident decisions through healthy, high-fiber foods. I strive for women to feel motivated, not only through healthy foods but a healthy mind. To me, a healthy mind is a healthy body.

You don’t need to break the bank to lose weight and you don’t need to be a registered dietician, personal trainer, or even have a personal chef. Losing weight is easy and achievable – and I can show you how to do that.

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