Countdown to The Glow Carb Bride

Are You A Soon-To-Be Bride?
Are you ready to transform?

You would think that in a digital age, planning for your wedding would be a little more 'on demand.'

Picking out flower arrangements, deciding on a DJ or Live Band, sending out invitations, or picking a venue— it requires significant effort.

Leaving you with little time to get healthy, relax and think clearly, or prep to GLOW on your wedding day.

What if you could put weight loss on autopilot and still plan the perfect wedding?

The Glow Carb Bride is an easy-to-follow program that teaches you long term, sustainable, healthy habits that will have you feeling your best come the big day.

  • 5 Part Time-Released Series
  • Exclusive Online Community
  • Download Meal Plans & Guides Instantly
  • Access Hours Worth Of Content At Your Own Pace

Module Breakdown

Module 1

Do you want to become healthier and lose weight for good? Do you want to create a lifestyle that goes beyond your wedding day? 

From distinguishing the high level benefits of fiber to allowing yourself to be open to a new lifestyle, you will to understand how to create sustainability in your life forever.

Bride Basics
Module 1 20%

ModulE 2

You didn’t get married just because society says so… but now that you’re here and see it’s part of the game, let’s understand why you’re doing this. It’s all about distinguishing your goals and habits and how to make them work for you.

See, people love the idea of health but rarely follow through, I’ve create the ABG Method to help you rebuild and uplevel your life.

Something New
Module 2 40%

Module 3

Losing weight is hard – up until now. Here, you’ll learn what tricks to pull and moves to make to ensure that you are one high-fiber machine. I give you full blown breakdowns of what to eat and when to eat.

Even though that may sound restricting you are creating your day around what you want to eat, not what other people are telling you to.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Fiber
Module 3 60%

Module 4

Now let’s take what we’ve learned and break it down into a science. Think of this timeline as your bible (even if you’re not getting married in a church!) I’ve tested this structure brides and found that there is a particular breakdown in the way you can eat your meals to reap the greatest results.

All Day Féyonce
Module 4 80%

Module 5

This module is all about taking what you’ve learned and going the extra mile. From meal planning, to staying disciplined to working out to product recommendations, I take everything you’ve learned and tie it up in a bow.

You are now an unstoppable force that can accomplish anything.

Married State
Module 5 100%

"I have a lot more confidence, and I think about food in an entirely different way."


I met Nikki and started The Glow Carb Mindset course in early July 2019. Nikki has been very supportive throughout my journey, from her availability anytime via text message to organizing group challenges along the way for some friendly motivation and accountability. My progress would definitely not have been possible without coaching from Nikki. For example, when I wasn’t sure what I could eat at a big family get-together or couldn’t cook my own meals on a week-long work trip out of town where take-out was the only option, Nikki coached me through both events. Now, five months later, I’m down 30 lbs, I have a lot more confidence, and I think about food in an entirely different way. My three favorite things about the course are 1) it’s really EASY! Small changes and substitutions to my grocery shopping and cooking made all the difference nutritionally; 2) I’m never hungry, and; 3) it’s caused me to change my relationship with food, I’m now more mindful about meals as fuel for my body, and I’m able to better control both my portion sizes and snack-impulses throughout the day. I’m grateful for the immense support from Nikki and can’t recommend the course enough!! Five stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Alyssa P.

A True Love Story

"I started incorporating more fiber into my diet about 10 weeks out from my wedding.​ I had lost some weight in the year leading up, but needed that extra push. I started the Glow Carb Mindset and saw results pretty quickly! But most of all I felt really good. I was consistently satisfied, full of energy and overall happy! I ended up dropping just over 10 lbs before my wedding in those two months leading up. I love the way I looked and felt and plan to keep it going!"

Anna M.

"I ended up dropping just over 10 lbs before my wedding in those two months leading up..."

Your Perfect Plan

Curated just for you! From basic to consultation and everything in between, choose a plan that works best for you! *Pampered and Bridal Party are capped at 20 brides each. If interested, please contact me directly to reserve your spot and get more information!

Basic Bride

Releasing Dec. 30th
  • 5 Modules
  • 10 Guides
  • 21 Expert Tip Videos

Pampered Bride

Releasing Dec. 30th
  • 5 Modules
  • 10 Guides
  • 21 Expert Tip Videos
  • 24/7 Email Access

The Bridal Party

Releasing Dec. 30th
  • 5 Modules
  • 10 Guides
  • 21 Expert Tip Videos
  • 24/7 Email Access
  • Bonus: Bachelorette Guide
  • Personalized Bachelorette Party
  • 1 hr/month FREE consultation
  • 2 FREE logins for The Glow Carb Mindset for MOH and Bridesmaids

Edible Guides

  • Product Guide
  • Breakfast Guide
  • Lunch & Dinner Guide
  • Product Guide
  • Road To Glow Timeline
  • Grocery Guide
  • Why Worksheet
  • Habit Tracker
  • ABG Worksheet
  • Smoothie & Salad Guide

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With The Glow Carb Bride, you’ll be able to:

Access hours worth of content at your own pace and own time.

Download and print meal plans and guides 

Put your health and wellbeing at your fingertips—so you can stay focused on things like planning your wedding and finding the dress.

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