Partnerships & Collaborations

Let’s work together!

Nikki is a micro-influencer focusing on positive mindset shifts, achievable habits through high-fiber recipes. She also has a love for fitness and Bar Method.

Nikki grew up outside of Philadelphia and fortunately never became a Philadelphian sports fan. She started college at Syracuse University studying rhetorical communications but decided that something was missing. So she transferred to the University of South Carolina to study Visual Communications in the Journalism school. She lives just outside of New York City in Hoboken, New Jersey. She has yet to claim her Jersey Girl status.

Currently, she works in lower Manhattan as a Director of Acquisition in Marketing. While she loves direct response her passion lies in education and empowering women. She’s looking forward to when she can leave her job to pursue her passion.

In her spare time, she teaches barre at The Bar Method Hoboken, loves finding the newest workout studio in the city. loves going to the beach in Rhode Island on weekends. If she’s not teaching or at the beach, you’ll probably find her brunching or shopping for athletic wear.

Nikki is available for collaboration on the following projects:

  • Ambassadorships
  • Sponsored blogs and social posts
  • Events
  • Photo and video shoots
  • Other projects that will help tell your story to my engaged audience
*All content created will be promoted with at least one Instagram story, single post, or gallery. Rates will vary depending on the scope of work, usage, and exclusivity.
Let me know how we can work together within your budget.