Why I Did Ziva Meditation For Two Weeks

Why I Tried Ziva Meditation

Have you ever meditated before? Not in a yoga class, but on your own, sitting in your apartment or home. If you listen to podcasts you’ve definitely heard about it. Like are you even a CEO if you don’t meditate? There are so many different apps and practices out there, and I’m about to tell you about how ziva meditation changed my life.

My Choice of Meditation

I heard Emily Fletcher on a podcast almost a year ago. She spoke about her choice of practice, the Ziva Technique, and it sounded intriguing. There are SO many benefits of meditation. I’m not going to pretend like I’m a doctor. But the evidence is there. I read her book Stress Less, Accomplish More. It’s definitely geared toward the high-strung individual. I even did it when I started to build out this brand and blog.

Immediate Benefits

When I did ziva meditation regularly in the spring summer of 2019 I was constantly calm and cool. I’m about to be insanely candid, but I think it even saved my relationship with Tom (don’t tell him I wrote this.. even though it’s in writing).

My mind was at ease, and I could think clearly. Now that I’m stuck at home, I feel like my energy levels are going in waves and I’m calling on Ziva meditation to help me with this. I’m high and I’m low. I’m motivated, and I have ADD at the same time. I needed something to help keep me steady. And I couldn’t think of a better time than to start up my ziva meditation practice again

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more anxious. However, just in my work rather than daily life. It feels like I’m constantly worrying, frustrated, and annoyed. And I try really hard not to displace that on Tom, because I hate when people do that to me.

Day 1

6:27a: It was like riding a bike, except I missed a few turns. In the practice of meditation, there is a specific flow that you take. First you tab in to your surrounds. What do you hear, feel, and even taste. Then you sit with your head free and visualize and say a specific word. When 15 minutes *feels* like it has passed, you have to pull yourself out of it by being grateful for something, and manifest a certain scenario. Well, I completely missed that last portion, which is by far the most heart-opening part!

5:03pm: I didn’t beat myself up too much and was very diligent about being grateful when I did it again in the afternoon. I felt calm and actually worked for a few more hours after.

Day 2

6:47a: I was really tired this morning!! I think I took one-too-many melotonin and I’m a little groggy from it. I almost fell asleep while doing meditation, which kind of made me feel tingly.

5:00pm: Although I definitely did this round of meditation a little later than I liked, I didn’t beat myself up too much and was very diligent about being grateful when I did it again in the afternoon. I felt calm and actually worked for a few more hours after.

  • I cried a lot tonight. Emily prefaces in her book, that this type of practice actually can make you very sensitive, so making big life decisions during the inital phase is not recommended. When I initially practiced a year ago, I was very calm, however, during coronoa-virus I do find myself a little radioactive, which is why I wanted to meditate in the first place.

Day 3

6:43a: I didn’t try to rush through ziva meditation this morning. I clicked into it really fast with little distractions, I immediately relaxed and I could feel it in my face. Have you ever noticed how not-relaxed your face is??? No wonder we age so fast. Meditation helps the body relax which works symbiotically brain. If the body isn’t tense, there are no red flags going off in the mind that it should be protecting anything.

2:36pm: I welcomed this little break in the afternoon, it gave my mind a chance to slow down in the middle of a busy work day. It actually helped me feel mentally re-energized after I was losing motivation to work out!

Day 4

9:07a: Last night we got some bad news about a family friend. So it was a little tough to sit today, I probably cut my time short for this session, and I didn’t sit for longer than 8 minutes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meditate this afternoon. I was a bit distracted (see above) plus I had a lot of meetings and wasn’t able to fit in the time. This is a partial excuse. And have the intention of not skipping any more time to meditate.

Day 5

9:09a: I felt in better shape this morning, I had already rode the peloton, and went to PT. Before I started work, I sat down and had a good experience. I was able to snap back, and tap this state faster, deeper, and with more clarity. It was a productive workday after that.

3:11pm: This was a great session. It was close to the end of my work day, and I just felt like, happier, and ready for the weekend.

Day 6

8:11a: Today’s Saturday and was able to get a quick session in. My mind was racing a bit more than usual because we did have a busier day ahead of us.

7:05pm: Although, I don’t like to meditate this late, I knew it was necessary. It was a long day. I was extra productive, filming and cutting a new youtube video and also had the space to detach and have a no-devices night with Tom.

Day 7

7:27a: Still tired from a late night, but I woke up and sat on the couch for my ziva mediation. I was relaxed and let my mind wander than normal, but it was quiet and I felt like I had the space to be alone. I went back to sleep and woke up and had another productive day. I cleaned my apartment, uploaded a youtube video, worked on new blog content, watched the Taylor Swift documentary with some girlfriends and worked out.

Over all this is what it’s all about. The ability to do be SUPER efficient just by taking 30 minutes out of the day to sit down and relax your mind.

6:35pm: After I got off zoom with my lady gang I decided to meditate. Typically, I’m tired after I meditate but had a surge of energy so decided to do another work out class. I felt motivated the whole way through and had a great Sunday night.

Day 8

6:27a: After Tom left this morning I sat down and got in the zone. It was Monday and I was ready to have a kick ass week. After I meditated, I worked out for an hour, showered and hit my work lap top. Except by 10:30 a got a note from boss wanting to chat.

He called and told me that he was stepping down. I was shocked, a million things were going through my head including that I was SO SO happy that I was meditating. If I wasn’t already doing it, I would have immediately started. There’s more distinction in your feelings, and comprehension for things you need to do.

This was something that I can’t really explain when you do meditate. It’s like your intuition is heightened because you are letting your body relax and, therefore, your brain can ‘see’ things more clearly.

3:35pm: Still in shock and disbelief about the news I received from my boss, I sat down and just had an over all feeling that everything was going to be okay. Even though nothing at that moment was OK. Ziva meditation really helps me put things in perspective and look at the greater picture, and have faith that things are happening here and now, and even though there is no control over what is happening, I do control my point of view and my perspective.

Day 9

8:25a: I’ve deemed my ziva meditation practice as my safe space and feel a light ball wrap around me when I practice every morning. I look forward to waking up this way now. I’m making more of an effort to practice the back half of the mediation method, where you list of things you’re grateful for and it’s definitely been helping my mental state!

2:15pm: While I’m in shock, I’m coming to term with what’s happening and I want to foreshadown that my stages of greif will probably happen at an expedited rate and I’ll be totally fine by next week.

Day 10

9:45a: Late start but better late than never! I am just constantly reeling off things that I love in my life. I’m so happy I still have my job, I’m happy that I have barre, and the girlfriends that I have. And I’m thankful for happy hour.

2:15pm: This sesh was a little shorter than it should have been, but my mind was buzzing with everything that I was working on and had to do.

Day 11

I completely skipped ziva meditation today!  Just being honest with you. My anxiety was a little higher today I think for that reason, but it felt like I just had ‘no time’ to do it. Which obviously isn’t true. And goes to show that it’s not an immediate cure and to really feel full time benefits you need to practice for a while.

Day 12

8:27am: My ziva meditation practice is starting to fly. After almost completely two weeks, it feels like I can step into a deeper state fast, and be less distracted by the thoughts in my own head. Again, it feels like when I shut my eyes a veil goes up and it’s the safe space. I am constantly calm and not as reactive (to Tom).

4:19pm: This session felt like I closed my eyes and opened them and I was done. I feel like I’m getting really tight on the practice. Sometimes my mind wanders, but it’s typically not for a very long time. I typically try to put colors or places to what I’m feeling, and I was met with a forest in the spring time. I am feeling hopeful, prepared and positive about the next week.

Day 13

9:07am: Happy to report that I left this meditation feeling AMAZING. I have been getting so much done through out the weekend and it’s because of my sunny disposition due to meditating. I was so inspired last night that I create a What The F challenge for anybody looking to reset, and I did it with a few hours, it was a blast, and I had a great time doing it.

6:19pm: Had to get a little session in, and still riding the high of feeling great for the What The F challenge that I made for you guys. I also had a few other fun ideas but had to cool it. I got really focused, and I’m ready to show up next week at full speed.

My results with Ziva Meditation

I will not be stopping this practice. I find it too coincidental that I had the thought of doing it, right before all this shit hit the fan in my life. And honestly I attribute my grace and perspective to my meditation practice. The most impressive piece to this was how patient I was with myself. Ziva meditation lives up to the name, especially for people who live in a more-stressed environment like in the city or right outside.

The benefits that I experienced first-hand include:

  • increased sense of positivity
  • ability to bounce back faster
  • increase in memory and retention
  • a greater sense of gratitude
  • an overall better sense of self
  • control over my emotions

If you want to see more, check out the youtube video I made wrapping up my experience over the past two weeks here!

If you’d like to read the book, download it on Amazon and start you meditation practice this week!

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I’m Nikki Rothman, a barre instructor, fiber-lover, Jeep-mom, and founder of Atomic She. It’s nice to meet you!

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