The Best At-Home Workouts: Programs, Apps and Equipment

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Elevate Your At-Home Workout Situation

So here we are, quarantined for at least another 30 days because of Coronavirus. My free time these days looks a lot like trying to mix up my fitness routine and find fun online programs that have free trials.

My typical workout regime typically consists of Bar Method and P.volve and it’s been this way for the past two years. But ever since we’ve been stuck in at home, I’ve been feeling extra stir crazy, like I need to SWEAT IT OUT. Just me?

Sometimes a girl needs to get her YA-YAs OUT.

So I wanted to add a few more fitness classes into my schedule that would compliment what I’m already doing at home, especially since I have the extra time to do it. This is how I break up my workouts and online programs:

  • Sculpt – Bar Method/P.volve
  • Strenth – Obé/Peloton
  • Cardio  – Obé/P.sweat/Peloton

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Weekly Fitness Routine At A Glance

My new at-home workout is moving my body about 1 hour a day (about 30 mins more than normal) for a 6 days with 1 rest day in between. The kicker is to mix it up by adding in more cardio, something I don’t normally do. Cardio is where I’ve found the most release.

Here’s my work out week looks like:

Monday – Sculpt

  • P.volve + Bar Method Express

Tuesday – Strength

  • Bar Advanced Express + Obé stength class

Wednesday – Cardio

  • Obé Fitness dance class + Peloton bike ride (or Bar Move Express)

Thursday – Sculpt

  • P.volve + Obé Fitness pilates (or Bar Method

Firday – Cardio

  • Peloton bike ride + Obé Fitness HIIT (or P.sweat)

Sautrday – Strength

  • Obé weight work


Online Programs/Apps

Bar Method

If you know me, or follow me on instagram, you know my affinity for barre is literally the highest. I’ve been instructing for over 4 years and taking for over 6.

At the heart of Bar Method, you focus of form, and I’m a better athlete for it. Bar Method teaches you how to work out with percision, form and grace over anything else. This means I can try something new with confidence knowing I have proper form to back it up.

Plus, Bat Method has taught me how to be mentally tough be poised without losing composure. Try Bar Method today and see why I’m so passionate about it!


There’s a reason why I love P.volve so much. P.volve is marketed as a prehab for your hips, but I wasn’t totally sold on the fitness element since it was so low impact. But damn, was I so wrong.

Not only was it the perfect compliment my Bar Mathod routine, but it allowed me to really tap into each individual muscle as it was being worked. The these of these work outs is slow and controlled. You don’t feel like you’re doing much, but after a week you will see crazy results.

At the end of last year, they released a p.sweat series. It’s a fast paced classes with your classic moves with a twist. It’s not surprise that you work up a sweat in these classes. The glutes and lats are the largest muscles in the body – and it p.sweat you WORK IT.

Try a free trial for P.volve here and check out the bundles for equipment below! It’s been one of my favorite online programs for over 2 years – going on 3!

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Obé Fitness

I found out about Obé Fitness through work. Part of my job is running paid social on Facebook, we were lucky enough to be tight with our reps to recieve a free 30 day trial to Obé. The platfrom is similar to other traditional online programs I’ve tried.

They have strength, HIIT, sculpt, dance, pilates and yoga classes. And I wanted to actually give it a serious go considering it was something more traditional than what I’d typically do.

Personally, I loved the pace of the classes. It’s one-way so it’s straight and the point. Because it’s an online platform, there isn’t much of an adjustment that brick and morter studios have when they’re going on line.

You can try any live Obé Fitness class by visiting their site, or start your 7-day free trial. All you need is the designated equipment or alternatives! See below for my recommendations.


Peloton was something new that I started when Tom and I moved into our new building last October. Although I don’t live and die by spin classes, I praticularly loved this platform. Even though you’re just on a bike, Peloton gives you a variety of class types, music genres and teachers.

Consider me a Jess King groupie. I’ve taken a few other teachers that I really liked, but damn her classes are good and she knows how to get super raw on the bike, to the point where I’ve choked up a few time!

Luckily, I still have access to a Peloton bike and we didn’t have to buy one. Keeping my cardio and heart rate up was important to me to sweat all this bullshit out from time to time.

I was able to scour the other side of the app whether they have offer cardio dance classes and strength work. I loved it! Not only could I cover down on a good sweat session, I now had variety.

My Favorite At-Home Workout Equipment

What’s great about these at-home workouts, is that all of these can be done with no equipment. But if you want to upgrade for a little more umph I wrote out a list of all equipment I’ve been using for each workout. Furthermore, you can even create your own at-home work out with these.

Sometimes I even level up a work out by adding in the equipment even if it’s unpromtped. You can purchase most of this on Amazon and I will link below to bundles sets you can purchase through Pvolve.

Bar Method


Obé Fitness


Level Up Your At-Home Workouts

If I still want to experiment, I take classes outside my normal scheduled routine on Saturday’s. I’ve tried Solid Core which really tests how hard I’ve been working out through out the week!

All you need is a set of gliders and ready to work your core like never before – it’s one of those work outs where you regret sneezing, laughing, picking up anything off the floor the next day because your core is WORKED.

What’s been you go to at-home workout? Folllow me on instagram and let me know, I would love to try it!

Hey there!

I’m Nikki Rothman, a barre instructor, fiber-lover, Jeep-mom, and founder of Atomic She. It’s nice to meet you!

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