Your New Work Out Routine: The Bar Method Online

The Bar Method Treatment

By now, your offices are probably shut down, you’re stocked up on food, and the desk you have at home is finally able to be put to use. And you know it’s coming, work out studios are about to pull the plug. All studios are following the CDC’s recommendations about cleansing, they’re wiping down equipment between each class, and they’re capping client counts to almost 50% per class. Sooner or later, it will be highly recommended to stay inside for an extended period of time. But fear not, The Bar Method Online gives you the opportunity to take class in the comfort of your own home!

That’s why I wanted to curate this list of all Bar Method studios that are taking it to the gram! While the in-studio atmosphere is arguably half the reason why The Bar Method is such an amazing experience, tuning in to get the same workout over IG Live is close to the next best thing. Below, IG link out to studios offering classes this week. I also provided prop recommendations and info for you to get The Bar Method treatment in your own home.

Prep for “Class”

If you have a large mat, mini mats, risers, a ball, and bar at home, I guess you can consider yourself lucky and fully prepared! But for most of you that don’t have any of these things, here are a few ways you can still get a good workout with things around the house!

  • Water bottles: weights for warmup
  • Seltzer cans:  weights for warm up
  • Wash cloth/hand towel: minimat
  • Chair: Barre
  • Small exercise ball: bar method ball
  • Towel: strap
  • Yoga mat: Large mat
  • Pillow: props

Props You Can Order

Here are a few props you can order on Amazon today and hopefully can use them in the next few weeks! You’ll typically see these props below when it comes to class, but can easily find a good substitute online for everything!

Studios to Follow For IG Live Classes

Follow these studios on Instagram and turn on your notifications so you can keep tabs and start class with everyone else! Studios across the country are streaming live so those at home can get effective, fun workouts where ever they live.

*Click the below to get redirected to the studio’s instagram page. I will be updating this list over time.

Take It Online

The Bar Method recently rolled out an online program for those who typically travel, are on the go, or don’t have access to a studio close to them. The Bar Method online is an awesome alternative for a time like this and I know a lot of studios are offering Bar Online for 30-days free for Club Members. If you’re not a club member, that’s okay and still have the opportunity to access it here to see if it’s a good fit for you! Get 14 days free when you sign up now!

Work Out With The Bar Method

Since it’s inception, The Bar Method has dedicated itself to high quality, low impact strength work. The workout derives from physical therapy roots to stregthen the body and elongate it from head to toe. I started off as a student and immediately fell in love with the routine and feeling of being able to work out in a way I never had before. With percision instruction and attention to physical and energetic detail, this franchise tops them all.

If you’re ever in Hoboken (after this madness) please check out the Hoboken Studio and take my class! After teaching for 5 years I’m still in love with the method and what it does for the mind and body. Join the awesome community of women at studio near you!

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