Your Ultimate Guide to Trader Joe’s

Going To The Grocery Store Used To Suck Until Trader Joe’s

I used to be the girl who put grocery shopping off at all costs. Like literally, I would go weeks ordering out, which wasn’t good for my health or my credit card bill. And if you read one of my recent posts I mentioned that if you ordered out every day for lunch (which is roughly $15 per meal), you’d be spending about $300 a month. If you order out for dinner to you should double that, plus more if you’re also including alcohol.

So when I mustered up the time to go, I made sure it was HEA-HEALTHY. I’m talking only greens, not a lot of starches, no junk food, CLEAN. Like you would probably think I was about to pee green. So after my trip to the store, I’d come home hungry, STARVING, and when I dumped everything out on the counter and I felt like I didn’t even buy anything- because it wasn’t anything I wanted to eat. Yes, my cart was full of great food, but I just didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t know how to get creative and to be honest, I would start to crave junkier food. Even after I brought home a cart full groceries! All I’m saying is that there was a point in my life that I knew what I needed to do to get healthier, but I just couldn’t bring myself to execute. And I definitely have my ish together.

I couldn’t tell you how much food I wasted trying to ‘get healthier’. Maybe you’ve felt the same. You know, when you’re completed moved to kick start your health and feel completely revived!! You hit that grocery store and you’re ready to get after it. And when you get home you’re met with a thought of ‘now you actually have to make the food’? You know your intentions are pure, but what has stopped you from really giving it your all when you try to get healthier?

First and foremost, discovering why the benefits of fiber work, has changed my life. It doesn’t matter what my goal is, if I just want to get healthier, lose a few pounds, or really shift my lifestyle, the education around how fiber works for the body makes it completely black and white. This is why a Grocery Guide to Trader Joe’s was so easy for me to make because what’s on the label dictates what I should eat – and no I’m not talking calories. Even my indulgences are more mindful because I know exactly what to do and what to eat to get myself back on track. Again, totally black and white.

I am a self-proclaimed Trader Ho And I Know You Are Too

In my Grocery Guide to Trader Joe’s I go through each section of the store.

I took a few pictures of products that I found that are low carb, high fiber, and easy to implement. Whether it’s pre-cut veg, pre-made frozen dinners, or maybe something you didn’t know they had, I wanted to let you in on the way that I view grocery shopping. As I said, fiber removes the gray area of getting healthier. At the same time,I wanted to provide suggestions on what I tend to pick up on a weekly basis. I wanted to also provide you a quick and dirty meal prep ideas so you can make from each section of the store. As an added bonus, I threw in some MVP (special shout outs) on products that I found to be a key player in getting more fiber!

Trader Joe's Grocery Guide

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    I am a self-proclaimed Trader Ho And I Know You Are Too

    Make A Meal Section:

    In my Trader Joe’s Grocery Guide, I included a section that helps inspire some ideas of what you could do with the food I’m recommending! I wanted to make this executable for you- so you can actually do something with these low carb, high fiber buys! Indecisiveness begone with these quick and easy tips that are fan favorites of mine!

    Special Shout Out Section:

    I wanted to shout out a few of my favorite pick ups! These low carb, high fiber finds are what I buy almost, if not, every time I go to TJs. These are the tried and true products that keep me totally satisfied, feeing food about myself and ready to take on the day! They range from add-ins to full meals.

    So now that you have your guide, you need a plan of attack on how to get in and out successfully without getting off course!

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    Tips To Be Successful When You Grocery Shop

    (aka without feeling like you came home with nothing)


    Take this guide and use it as a baseline. I’ve even included a full list on the last page of the guide for you to print and take to the store. And in case you want to add a few more items not listed, I left a few line items blank for you to fill in! Try making your list without being in a rush and when you have time to look up a few recipes for lunch or dinner in the upcoming week and get intentional about what you want to make.


    When you’ve downloaded the guide, take a look at page 4 to see the overlap in carbs, protein, ad fat. Each plays a vital role in giving you vitamins, minerals and helps keep you full throughout your day. I’m not going to lie, when I was making this, I was shocked about the overlap in sustenance! You want to try to get something from every single overlap in the diagram below. Each section provides nourishment to different parts of the body. When I go shopping I aim to have my cart about 50% full of fibrous foods in my cart vs. fat and protein, making up the additional 50%.

    Just Be Smart

    Don’t go food shopping hungry. Just be smart because you know EXACTLY what’s going to happen if you decide to show up to TJ’s starving. Stick to your list and don’t get anything else! You can always go later if you ‘really need it!’

    What Happens If I Don’t Shop At Trader Joe’s?

    It’s okay if you don’t shop Trader Joe’s! You can still use the guide as a great reference to unbranded TJ equivalents. Thankfully, broccoli, is still broccoli, even if it’s not in super cute packaging.

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    If you’re interested in learning more about how fiber can work for you to lose weight, look into some of my specialize online courses! Glow Carb Express is quick and dirty, providing you fast content to understand the basics of fiber in under an hour! Glow Carb Mindset & Method is all about taking your big goals and turning them into something that is completely achievable and reachable, maybe even if you didn’t think they were possible.

    Or you may just want to keep it simple and follow me on Instagram for swaps you can make starting in your Amazon cart! Can’t wait to keep building out more guides for you so you can be set up for success!



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    I’m Nikki Rothman, a barre instructor, fiber-lover, Jeep-mom, and founder of Atomic She. It’s nice to meet you!

    Trader Joe's Grocery Guide

    Check out here for low carb, high fiber swaps!

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