The Top 7 Kitchen Gadgets: Ranked

More time is spent in the kitchen

Being stuck at home has definitely shifted my priorities to upgrade some things around my apartment, especially the kitchen. My day is now revolved around what I’m going to eat, and while it was like that before, it’s now more top-of-mind than ever. There are some top kitchen gadgets I thought were worth mentioning. From pans, to pots, to fun appliances, I wanted to share some of my favorite things to have around now that we’re in the kitchen for every meal.

We go to the grocery store about once every two weeks now and maybe once or twice in between trips at off hours. I use this time to pick up some fresher foods and vegetables. Although honestly, it freaks me out. As long as you’re washing everything thoroughly when you’re home, you should be OK- atleast, that’s what I tell myself. Did you know that there’s safe-for-food washing soap?!

Here’s your list of Top 7 Kitchen Gagdets: Ranked!

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When I go grocery shopping, I get nervous picking up food from the fresh section. Open and exposed fresh vegetables and fruits, who knows how much they’ve been touched and put back on the shelf?! During these times, I really hope that’s not happening and people are comminting to your produce. Once I touch something on the shelf – I feel a civic pull to put it in my cart. You bet your ass I’m washing my fruits and veg with this. EVEN if it’s already in plastic wrap. Pick up BioKleen Produce Wash, if you want to have piece of mind when you pick up fresh food too! I don’t think there’s a better pick for #1 on the list.

2. Non-Stick Pan

Honestly, I shouldn’t be the one to tell you that you need this pan. But just incase you don’t have a non-stick pan, here ya go. The pan is so versatile, from breakfast, to vegetables, to meat, it cooks everything to perfection. For instance, the whole idea of the pan is that you really don’t need to lube it up like you do other pans. We’ve had ours for over 2 years, and it’s used atleast once a day.

3. Instapot

GUYS, this should have been on your black friday/christmas list. If you didn’t get it over the holidays I highly suggest getting on now. This is totally a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have. The Instapot is literally just as lazy as me (sorry to my boss if you’re reading this). Want soup? Done. Don’t like to cook meat? DONE. Prep. Set. Forget. That should be the tagline.

I can’t count how many time I’ve prepped meat, set my timer, and walked away to work out or clean and it’s done by the time Tom comes home.

4. Rusable Silicone Containers

These little bubbies are great to have around because they double as a plastic bag meets tupperware. They’re great for fresher foods like fruit and veg. However, there’s a fun little use case for these. Let’s say you want to thaw out some vegetables but dont want to get them soaking wet in water. You can actually put the frozen veg in one of these silicone bags, and submerge the bag in hot water. You’re now able to thaw out the veg without worrying about excess moisture in the food. That’s why it made number 4 on the list.

5. Plastic Cutting Boards

Cutting boards made the middle of the list because of the small but mighty purpose in the kitchen. Yes, there are much bigger cutting boards. But when you’re prepping food for every meal, you need a gadget like this around. Cutting boards like this are easy to clean, because all you need to do is wipe them down and they’re ready for prepping the next meal. Heavy duty cutting boards are great, but I would rather have something more durable at a time like this.

6. Tupperware

This one is a total throw away, but so necessary! Therefore, it made the list. Tom still has to go into the city to work, so he’s basically taking a baggie to lunch every day. Tupperware is necessary to save dinner from the night before, meats, salads and stir frys. However, this tupperware actually pretty great at prolonging quality. Highly recommend, swiping this up today! It’s better than the typical rubber made, because you can literally hear the sealing of the ware.

7. Ninja Bullet

The Ninja Bullet or any other blender so convenient to have around. You can make smoothies, smoothie bowls, dips, and even cauliflower mashed potatoes. This machine is definitely nice to have around and you need to mix it up. Not to mention, it’s very easy to clean. It’s rated number 7 because of the utility of the situation. You don’t need a ninja bullet to survive a quarantine, but it helps you get creative!

Recipes ideas

Just in case you needed to get some ideas on how to put some of these tools to use, here are a few recipes to try!

Honorable Mentions

There was one more gadget I thought was worth mentioning if you’re cooking veggies at scale! One of my girlfriend’s is a wizard and uses these trays almost every week to make her veg. Are you trying to meal prep for the week? Purchase one of these cooking trays the next time you’re able to make it to the store. Fill them up with seasoned vegetables, set a high heat temp, and you’l be set for the next week.

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