Carbs and Covid: 21 Ways To Stay Low Carb At Home

I’m literally the first one to admit that when I’m WFH I automatically eat more. There are so many options, so much food, and I’m a snacker! A literal recipe for disaster if I’m trying to stay low carb. So what happens when Covid-19 comes across NYC and we’re force to WFH? STOCK UP ON SNACKS. Which lead to wanting to share the below list with you. My go-tos and favorites, are all found on Amazon. And considering the circumstances, the chances of actually leaving your home will be slim to none in about a week.

Why is Fiber So Good For Us?

A component of staying low carb, is having a high-fiber base. The correlation between calorie-intake and energy levels actually go hand in hand. Fiber has an insane amount of benefits, a lot of people don’t understand the detoxing effects fiber has. Fiber is made up of two parts soluable and insoluble fiber, both work together to help eliminate toxins, clean the blood, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Overall, it adds so much longevity to someone’s life, and the best part is, you can get it in natural foods, AND SNACKS. Okay they’re healthy snacks, but still we can snack and get fiber at the same time!

How To Look For High-Fiber Snacks

The best thing about staying low-carb and high fiber is that it’s so cut and dry that finding snacks is easy! You can do a quick search in google, amazon, or any search engine “low-carb snacks” or “low carb X”. Chances are you’ll find something that looks relatively healthy – the key is to try to include or find snacks with as much fiber as possible. Personally, I look for nothing more with 10g net carbs.

Below you’ll find a curated list of snacks that I consisntely purchase from Amazon that are majority low-carb and, more importantly, high fiber!

If you’re a snacker like me and you’re impacted by the virus, even if it’s as simple as working from home, mix up your cabinet inventory with these snacks below. You’ll feel fuller longer, have sustainable energy levels, and actually SNACK less (at least I’ll try to).

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I’m Nikki Rothman, a barre instructor, fiber-lover, Jeep-mom, and founder of Atomic She. It’s nice to meet you!

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    1. Smart Sweets

    Smart Sweets will replace any desire and need to binge on candy. They come in a variety of flavors like the variety pack below. Each flavor is packed with fiber and has a great net carb ratio.

    2. Raw Rev Glo – Dark Chocolate Sea Salt & Peanut Butter

    I eat Glo Bars before or after work outs or for dessert! They are small but super satisfying and don’t skimp on the choclately taste. And note to self you can find them at the Bar Method Hoboken shelves!

    3. Carrots & Guacomole

    This is an easy snack to pick up at the grocery store. Grab a bag of carrots and those guacomole to-go cups. That way, you don’t have to worry about avocado prep and clean up.

    4. Cucumbers & Hummus

    Cucumbers and Hummus is another great snack to pick up for easy snacking. Not only is this snack low carb, it’s high fiber. Always including fresh veg in snacks where you can will help boost energy and feeling good!

    5. Bada Bean Bada Boom

    This has been my favorite snack for the past few weeks! Swipe these 100 cal packs from Amazon for portion controlled, fiber filling, low carb goodness!

    *Great deal for 40-pack!

    6. Skinny Pop

    This light snack is perfectly light, crunchy and delicious. If you’re into movie nights or just need something to hold you over for the afternoon, this is a great go-to.

    7. Pro-Granola Cookies

    This has been my favorite snack for the past few weeks! Swipe these 100 cal packs from Amazon for portion controlled, fiber filling, low carb goodness!

    8. Poop Like A Champion

    This cereal is one of the best out there in regards to net carbs. It also isn’t as bad as it looks! This cereal gives me total Rice Kirspie vibes, pick it up if you’re a cereal lover!

    9. No Cow Bars

    These bars are a MEAL. They have over 15g of fiber in each bar and have an assortment of flavors! The only thing to note is that they can be dry. I would recommend heating the microwave for about 10 seconds (unwrapped) and you should be good to enjoy.

    10. High Key Cookies

    Okay, I can’t be the only ones that enjoy cookies. If you care more about having a treat than getting some fiber in, these are for you! They are well-portioned and have you feeling good (and not judgmental) after you finish the bag!

    11. Beansfield Chips

    Doritos lovers rejoice! These are a GREAT substitute for those addicting chips. Pick these up instead and so you can snack without the worry and not feel bad about going for more!

    12. GG Fibercrisps

    These are a staple in my house, and always fully stocked. Try your favorite breakfast spreads, sandwich fillings, and even pizza toppings!

    13. Dark Chocolate Kind Bars

    These are GREAT bars to hold you over for those long morning meetings or just need a pick me up in the middle of the day. Pick up a box today!

    14. Blue Diamond Almonds

    This brand has an assortment of flavors! From spicy to bold to sweet and savory they don’t mess around. They come in smaller portion-controlled bags, tins, or family size too

    15. 1/2 Apple and Nut Butter

    Another healthy, natural way to get fiber in. Stick to having a 1/2 green apple with some nut butter.

    16. Lily’s Chocolate

    If you’re a chocolate-fiend like me, these are a must-have. These bars don’t skimp on taste, and actually keep you full. If I need a little something after dinne, these are literally the perfec thing to have.

    17. Macadamia Nuts

    Love these nuts! They’re sweet and salty and have a great net carb ratio, just be careful not to eat too much! Nuts are known to be fatty so the more portion controlled the better!

    18. Truth Bars

    This is a great meal replacement bar that is delicious and won’t dissapoint. They come in a few healthy flavors and help by keeping you full and staying low carb!

    19. Choc Mint Bars

    This bar gives me thin mint vibes! I almost bought a pack of girl scout cookies the other day, but found these instead – and purchased!!

    20. Thin Slim Zero Carb Bagels

    I’m a big proponent of having your bagels and eating them too, without the guilt! Enjoy these mini bagels with ZERO net carbs and 14g of fiber!

    21. Hippie Snacks Cauliflower Crisps

    These little crisps are great and a hell of a lot healthier than chips! These hit the spot and don’t have you feeling guilty for it! I don’t feel bad about going back for more.

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