9 Effective Total Body Exercises With No Equipment

Exercising At Home

You knew it was coming, and can’t believe the day is finally here. Gyms are closed and everyone is looking for online programs to work out at home. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been doing online programs for about two years (and will reference the ones I do at the bottom of this post), but I do think people are turned off by the idea of working out at home because it takes A LOT more motivation. However, online workouts are still effective for a total body workout.

For whatever reason, I think the investment towards in-studio classes makes a person more accountable to get their ass there! You can spend upwards for $99+ for studios where online workout streaming services are less than half the price! Obviously, when you’re working out in-studio there’s no excuses and most likely are getting 1:1 feedback from the trainer. That’s why I put together a list of effective total body exercises that hit each muscle and you can do them in the comfort of your own home!

Find Your Motivation

Finding motivation at a time like this can actually be a lot easier. With Covid-19 running rampant, we’re forced to look internally to assess our health. We know that the virus greatly effects people with prior health conditions. People with respiratory issues are also affected by this virus

If that’s not motivation enough here are a few tips to have you feeling motivated through the mind and body.

  • Get a buddy and team up! Get together, make a plan, and hold eachother accountable EVERY day
  • If you don’t feel like working out- just move for 5 minutes. Even if it’s in your apartment complex, just walk out the door and move your body.
  • Know that you are doing this for you, make your health non-negotiable and #1 priority
  • Treat yourself after a good workout with postive self talk – don’t fill your head with thoughts about trying harder or going longer. Make it about the accomplisment of completing it!

Before You Get Moving

Before you move your body do a few things to get your body awake and calibrate for a good workout.

  • Stretch for about 2 minutes
  • Have atleast 8oz of water
  • Eat a few hours before
  • Recognize what you are doing is healthy and amazing for your body

9 Minute Strength Training Workout

Put these moves together to create an effective total body workout without any equipment! There are so many ways to do this. From this, you can make a workout that’s 10, 15, or even 20 minutes at home!

Circuit Style:

  1. Pick your favorite 5 moves, and read below on how to get in proper form.
  2. Then write out which order you want to do them in.
  3. Do each of the 5 moves for 1-minute at a time for as little as 2 rounds all the way up to 6 rounds.

Tabata Style: Tabata just means high intensity workouts in interval fashion.

  1. Read below on how to get into proper form and walk through each move  working in the ‘Challenge’ line.
  2. Start the timer for 30 seconds on 10 seconds rest, ending with a 1 minute rest after all 9 moves
  3. Repeat 2 more times

The Workouts


Exercise: Place your hands directly underneath your shoulders, and place your feet hip-width and parallel. Grip your glutes, take your gaze forward, and engage your core.

Modify: Take the same set up, but to your knees.

Challenge Yourself: Add in alternating shoulder taps to the opposite shoulder without letting your hips rock. Widen your feet if necessary.

Mountain Climbers

Exercise: Take your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Lift and grip your seat as you bring one knee in to your core at hip width. Alternate.

Modify: Pace yourself at a slower rate. Instead of alternating mid air, place one foot down before picking up the other.

Challenge Yourself: Add an oblique twist with your knees. Drive your knee towards your opposite shoulder.


Exercise: Put your hands directly underneath your shoulders, separate your feet to hip distance, and grip your seat. Lower yourself down, keeping your elbows back, and push up. Use your glutes and core to assist.

Modify: Drop to your knees and bring your heels in towards your glutes.

Challenge Yourself: Lower your chest down all the way to the floor.


Exercise: Place your feet in a wide stance, grip your glutes, and lower your glutes down in line with your knees. Push up through your heels and squeeze your glutes at the top. Squeeze your core the whole time.

Modify: Limit your range of motion.

Challenge Yourself: Add a jump in between squats for an air squat.

Leg Lifts Lunges

Exercise: Find a hip width and parallel stance, draw your leg up in line with your hip, and then drop your leg behin you to find a 90 degree angle. Keep back heel lifted. Push through your working glute to lift leg up back in line with your hip. Bring it back backhind you to 90 degrees. Allocate even time to both sides.

Modify: Go at a slower pace.

Challenge Yourself: Use weights, water bottles, or cans, to hold in your hands and pump arms.

Tricep Dips

Exercise: Take your hands directly underneath your shoulders, maybe a little wider. Place your feet a foot in front of you knees. Using the heels of your hands, and the heels of your feet, lift your glutes up, shift back, and tuck under. Open up your chest and bend at your waist. Move down and up.

Modify: Lift and lower slowly and rest between each lift.

Challenge Yourself: Lift one lef up and switch halfway.

Toe Tap Leg Raises

Exercise: Set up so your feet are hip width and parallel. Shift your foot out to the side and shift your weight to the instep of your standing foot. Drop your working side shoulder an inch. Lift and lower your leg as high as it comfortably can. Let your leg come down and tap the floor.

Modify: Limit your range of motion.

Challenge Yourself: As your leg drops, let it hover instead of tapping the floor.

Tilted Reach

Exercise: Place your feet hip-width. Tilt your body forward and toe tap back while keeping a soft bend in your standing knee. Shift back an extra inch and then using the standing glute, lift your back leg up and let it extend in front of you, keeping a slight bend forward, tapping in front of you. Lift and send back. Find time for both legs

Modify: Do not reach so far back.

Challenge Yourself: Find weight, bottles of water, or soup cans to use and pump arms.

Half Bridge Glute Raise

Exercise: Lay down on carpet or mat, take your feet out and separate them so they’re hip-width. Keeping your ribcage grounded, lift your hips up, tuck under, and lift up and down.

Modify: Limit your range of motion.

Challenge Yourself: Walk your feet in closer and lift your heels up.

Other Online Workout Programs

These moves were inspired by at-home exercises I’ve done and currently. With a combination of Bar Method, P.volve and Peloton, I feel I’m more aware of my body, its limits, and have been able to keep my shape and form without lifting heavy weights or over extending my body.

If you are already a Club Bar Member, contact your local studio to see if you can get access to Bar Online free for 30 days.

P.volve is also running a similar offer due to it’s HQ studio being in NYC. Use this link with code NYCLOVE to get 30 days free!

Peloton also goes beyond just the bike. Their app offers everything from lifting, to running, to yoga, to strength training, with live and previously recorded classes!

Hey there!

I’m Nikki Rothman, a barre instructor, fiber-lover, Jeep-mom, and founder of Atomic She. It’s nice to meet you!