The 5 Best Times To Meal Prep

Meal prepping is easy, the task itself is a simple one. It’s monotonous and it’s straight forward. What makes meal prepping so hard is finding the time to do it. And what makes it even more difficult is the excuses we make so we can get out of it at all costs. In reality, meal prepping is one of those simple things that you can do to take your results to the next level. But again, we do a great job of making it exhausting.

Just like prepping for a workout, you have to be mentally in it. Do you ever feel like meal prepping is harder only because you know it’s so easy?! Maybe it’s because a work out can be rigorous. And you know how you’ll feel after a really great workout. You’ll feel amazing and energized and go about your day feeling accomplished. You rely on the body to give you that high.

Meal prepping is truly easy: you make a list, you buy what you need, and then you prep. There’s no high and there’s no sense of crazy accomplishment. And if anything, the time spent prepping is way more than an hour’s worth at a workout class. But we live in a society that puts instant gratification above all.

If you’re struggling with finding time to meal prep, I feel that – hard. After a long day, the last thing I want to do is head to the grocery store. I can’t say I do it every time, but I will say I am on of my meal prepping game when I need to be. Is there a time where you need to be on top of it? YES.

Times To Prep and Why:

  • Let’s talk about the most obvious time to go: The weekend.
    My move is to break this up into two parts, we shop on Saturday and then prep on Sunday. This breaks up the time spent over all so it doesn’t feel as daunting AND you get to check off a productive box on Saturday and Sunday.
  • When you’re going to have a busy week.
    I know you may be thinking this is counterintuitive. BUT let’s think about this – you won’t have time for breakfast, lunch, and most likely dinner. Not to mention snacking. If you’re prepped, you’ll automatically get more time back because you won’t be picking up lunches and ordering seamless. PLUS it’ll be healthy. So when you have those long days and you have the sneaky idea to reward yourself – make sure it’s something that nourishes your brain!
  • When you’re about to start a new work out routine.
    You’ve done it, you pulled the trigger and just bought an awesome class-pack to this sick workout studio in town. How do you now amplify those results? A well rounded, healthy diet. No questions asked – you will be able to maximize your results by incorporating more greens, more fiber. If you’re looking to find a quick and healthy way to identify which foods are the healthiest, try out Glow Carb Express!
  • When you’re sick/recovering from an injury.
    Damn, can I speak from experience. After I hurt my shoulder I took it upon myself to really make sure I ate clean, no desserts, greens, and a lot of veggies. My mom had always told me when I was younger, that the body will try to work and burn off the sugar before healing all of the other problems in your body – and even though it might now be true – it has stuck with me and has always held true to my experiences. Two weeks after I hurt my shoulder we went to a wedding, and naturally, I treated myself, I drank, I was on vacation! My shoulder never had more pain and felt worse, and if anything, I was more relaxed than ever! As soon as I got back into my routine and eating clean, my shoulder immediately felt amazing (also with a little help of PT). When you’re sick or your healing it is SO important to stay clean – not to lose weight (forget that) but to literally feed your body the proper building blocks it needs to put you back together!
  • When you’re trying to save money.
    A big one for me! I’ve been slipping lately and thank god we’re going grocery shopping tonight. I love the amount of money that stays in my bank account after a week of meal prepping. In New York, it costs about $15 for a lunch. $15 multiplied by 20 business days is a $300 savings a MONTH! Just do a quick math problem. How much is your average lunch costing you x the amount of time you would buy lunch on the job. $300 is like 2 months worth of groceries in my household! Nothing like a little money to save to really get your butt to the grocery store!

Overall, when life gets crazy, that should be a sign that it’s important for you to meal prep. Meal prepping adds some sanity, structure, and control to life when it gets a little hectic. Lose the excuse that you’re too busy because when it comes to your health, it should be non-negotiable and not be put on hold.

When do you find yourself meal prepping the most? Do you have any solid tips to share? Find me on instagram and let me know! I also love shouting out great tips and great low carb finds. I also love posting about What’s In My Fridge!

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