Blueberry Banana Pancakes

A friend gave me some extra banana extract she picked up from Amazon yesterday and I couldn’t think of a better way to use it. Pancakes are breaking I throw together regularly now and combining different ingredients is probably my favorite part of making them! This morning I opted for something on the sweeter side.

Bananas are naturally higher in carbs. They have one of the highest carb counts in the fruit family. A medium sized banana has about 26g of carbs to only 1-3g fiber. And while luckily I don’t have an attachment to fruit itself, I absolutely love banana-anything baked goods!

Intro: Banana Extract. Tasted and approved, banana extract serves as a great alternative for any sweet treat! I couldn’t think of an easier way to start integrating this magical extract against something that I love to make on a weekly basis: Pancakes.

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      This should make two small (read: portion controlled) pancakes. Mix all ingredients together and pour over hot pan.

      *Protip: use a silicone stencil to pour your batter in! Leave on for a few minutes, then remove to flip.

      Pancakes are so easy to make and please for guest and visitors. The vanilla protein powder, almond milk., lily’s chocolate chips and blueberries are all filled with fiber and should keep you full for a few hours!

      Top with Lakanto Maple Syrup or your favorite nut butter spread (especially if you went the blueberry route). Sprinkle on more blueberries and chocolate chips!